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Madhulika Visits Sarva Vidya

20 Dec 2017

Ms Madhulika, Joy of Reading Board Member and Founder, USA visited Sarva Vidya

Parents-Teachers Meet

08 Dec 2017

Parent Teachers Meeting was held

Joy Of Reading

13 Nov 2017

Joy (JOR) Of Reading classes were started for Sarada Vidyalaya Middle School students.  Each standard will have one hour session twice weekly. JOR class was also extended to the students of 'Patient care diploma' and 'No Child Left Behind'.

Monthly Medical Camp For Students

23 Oct 2017

Medical Camp by 'Sree Sai Trust' was conducted for Patient Care Assistant Students and Sarada Vidyalaya Middle School Students

Dengue Awareness Class

20 Oct 2017

Dengue awareness class was organised for the Patient Care Assistant Students and 'Nilavembu powder', a herbal medicine from IMCOPS for prevention was also distributed to the students

Diwali Celebration In Village Wellness Centers

18 Oct 2017

Anandha Diwali Celebration' at Village Education Centre, Villvanathapuram, Vellore District.It was a gathering of parents, teachers and students in a festival get-together. This year sweets were prepared by the village women for distribution. Such festivals are celebrated in the Village Wellness Centers to integrate with the village society.

Monthly Medical Camp Held

23 Aug 2017

Value Based Moral' education program conducted for Sarada Vidyalaya Middle School Students through M/S Prasanna Trust, Chennai.

Value Based Moral Education

23 Aug 2017

Monthly medical camp held for Sarva Vidya's Patient Care Assistant Students and  Sarada Vidyalaya Middle School Students, conducted by Sree Sai Trust.  

Monthly Medical Check up

22 Aug 2017

Monthly Medical Check up for all the Students of Sarada Vidyalaya Middle Schools along with the Patient care Diploma Students of Sarva Vidya was organised through Sree  Sai Trust, Chennai.

Ashok Mehta Inducted In Trust Board

21 Aug 2017

Ashok Mehta, leading philanthropist and businessman in Chennai, inducted in Sarva Vidya as a Trustee. For long years he has been a well wisher and supporter of our  activities.

Independence Day

15 Aug 2017

Independence day was celebrated by the Sarada Vidyalaya Middle School. Sarva Vidya participated in the celebrations.

9th Batch Taken Out To MGM

31 Jul 2017

Students of Nineth Batch 'Health Care Assistant' diploma were taken out on an excursion to MGM theme park after the Graduation.

Training In Hospitals

20 Jul 2017

Eleventh Batch Students placed in various hospitals in Chennai, for practical training for the year 2017.

​Graduation Day 9th Batch

16 Jul 2017

Graduation Day for the students of the 9th batch "Health Care Assistant" diploma course was held on the 16th of July 2017. Thirty students of this batch completed the course and are ready to assume responsibilities in life. There were speeches, thanks giving, cultural program by students for the delight of those who had assembled to wish the students well in their life.The students were given an important message that this is not the last day of association with Sarva Vidya. They are as much members of the Trust, as the Trustees are and need to work for the success of the Trust and its programs in villages where from they come. They all become part of the Alumni Called "Sarva Vidya Special Society" to contribute to Service in the villages, especially in the medical camps conducted by Sarva Vidya.

Eleventh Batch To Science Epxo

29 Jul 2017

The newly inducted students of the eleventh batch (2017 - 19) were taken for a visit to the "Science Expo' at 'Sri Ramakrishna Mission Higher Secondary School', for an exposure on various concepts of science. This is a permanent expo for promotion of Science amongst the students.

Patient Care Course

29 Jun 2017

1st Year Patient Care Course Manual was distributed to the students

Science Expo

24 Jun 2017

2017 - 19 Batch students visited Science Expo at Sri Ramakrishna Mission Higher Secondary School, South with Tutor Viji & Priyadharshini.

2017-2019 Batch Inauguration

19 Jun 2017

Power Point Presentation was done to the parents & students.  Mr. C.S. Raghunathan  addressed the gathering.  Mrs. Sarsaswathi Vaidyanathan, Principal and Trustee, Mrs. Rajalakshmi  Mrs. Rajitha, Tutors Mrs. Viji & Ms. Priyadharshini, Ms. Saritha, Ms. Kamalam & Mrs.Thenmozhi  took part in the meeting

Guest Lecture Programme 

29 May 2017

Guest Lecture Programme was arranged.   Ms. Jeeva, a Trangender  from Born To Win Trust took awareness  class for the 2nd year studnets.

Guest Lecture Programme 

22 May 2017

Guest Lecture  Programme by Mrs. Rajeshwari, Human Resource Head, Tanker Foundation regarding Functions of Kidney, Dialysis  for the second year studnets

Guest Lectures

19 May 2017

A program of Guest Lecture for the 1st years on 'Stress and Time Management Techinques' was organised. The program was conducted by Chimaya Mission, Prasanna Trust.Another Guest Lecture program was organised on this day 'Awareness and Prevention' through 'Tanker Foundation'. 

Career Guidence Program

12 May 2017

Career Guidance Programme was conducted in 'H. Sowbagmal Sowgaar Government Girls Higher Secondary School', Maduranthagam, Kancheepuram District.

Monthly Medical Camp

12 May 2017

Monthly Medical Camp for the students of Sarada Vidyalaya Middle School and 'Diploma in Patient Care Assistant' of Sarva Vidya was conducted by Sree Sai Healing Trust.



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