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 empower to enable 
Empower to Enable-Collaborative & Innovative

Quality and Affordability is the driving philosophy of all our projects, especially 'empowering the village girls' through a job oriented education. The whole program is designed to succeed through an eco-system and net-work of schools, hospitals, NGOs, volunteers, and the like.

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Nurturing an ever green hope for an empowered future, the girl children from villages gather in Sarva Vidya every year to qualify with the two year Diploma in 'Patient Care'. This initiative helps them ensure that they are better prepared to face life attitudinally and financially. We are invested in an innovative approach that empowers the village community and delivers the support they need, when they need it.


Making A Difference

Achirupakkam Girls Higher Secondary Scho

Out Reach Program

One Step At a Time

It all starts with reaching the girl children in their village schools, just after the exams for the twelfth standard are over, to tell them all about the higher education opportunities and Sarva Vidya's empowerment program.

Career Guidance at Walaja 27th March2010

Meeting Parents In Villages

Reaching The Community

At Sarva Vidya, we are dedicated to stepping up our efforts in addressing the parents to highlight who we are, what their children will get, where they will learn and train, and a host of information that concerns them. This is by no means an easy feat but through community involvement, cooperation and the hard work of local NGOs and volunteers we strive to make them understand the difference that the program will make to their future.

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Induction Program

Reinforcing Our Commitment

On the day of induction, the parents are invited to attend the first day breaking in, as also later on, the parent-teacher meets in the school. This is to promote parental involvement in the education of their children . They get to also interact with the senior classes to gain a first hand impression. With this initiative, our goal is to promote great opportunities for those in need. With access to the right resources, people can become empowered by their own abilities and gain the confidence to fullfil their potential.


The Two Year Rigour

Education In Sarva Vidya

Class Room Education

The class room education is handled by tutors who are experienced graduates in nursing. Audio Visual methods used make classes interesting and interactive.The Principal who is also a Trustee takes personal care in the quality of inputs. Study materials are carefully prepared for the students and given free.Additional inputs in English language, Computer essentials, special inputs in subjects like dialysis, geriatrics and the like are part of the training process . Confidence building is infused to the students by programs conducted by "Born To Win" organisation. This transforms the mind-sets of the girls from timidity to confidence.

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In-House Laboratory

Making A Difference

An in-house laboratory training gives valuable insight to students on what they should expect during the intensive phase of hospital training.

Visit to Khivraj Chordia Memorial Dialys

Intensive Two-Year Hospital Training

The USP of Sarva Vidya

This is one of the key areas of focus here at Sarva Vidya, and a source of much success for our Nonprofit.We network with several hospitals closely to get our students trained over two years in all relevant areas of patient care. During training the students get very valuable and intense practical inputs in 'Patient Care' and also earn their keeps to fund their education and more. This in fact is a USP for Sarva Vidya. For students of Sarva Vidya jobs are for the asking.


The Ultimate Test

Tackling The Exams

Each year the students are sent through the process of examination by the certification agency. At the end of the second year, most students get absorbed by the hospitals that train them.

5th batch graduation.JPG

The Graduation Day

The Dream Come True

This is indeed a proud moment for the students, their parents for us in Sarva Vidya

care for student's health and talents

Medical Camp by Sree Sai Healing  Trust.

Medical Attention

Caring for Health

With our organisation’s mission always in mind, we strive to keep the students in good health and cheer. Monthly medical check-ups are organised through networking with 'Sri Sai Healing  Trust'.Nutrtious food, Games and Art provide good diversion from the daily grind.

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Art And Competition

Showcasing Talents

During the two years, the students are encouraged to show case their talents in various ways. Some are good in floor-artistry, some in dance, singing, as in other fine arts

Aswini wins award from hospital.jpg


Aswini .we are happy to share the news that  Aswini, a Sarva Vidya student of 2013-2015 batch, working currently in 'Medway Hospitals', Kodambakkam, Chennai, has been given a certificate of appreciation by the hospital on the Nurses Day, for her 'extraordinary service and dedication to her profession'. Aswini hails from Theetalam Village, in Madhurantakam Taluk, Kanchipuram District.


Nandini, 2014-2016 batch, Neelamangalam village. Her uncle told her about Sarva Vidya. She joined Shraddha for a home nursing job and after one year is currently employed in Athipathi Hospital in Velachery, Chennai. Says “ I have been able to enroll my brother in Dr. MGR University for his engineering. I feel proud to be a student of Sarva Vidya and to be able to assist my family” she says and adds “ I also took part in many Village Health Management Camps conducted by Sarva Vidya”


Sukanya, 2013-2015 batch, Polambakkam village,  father  a watchman. She was guided by a friend to join in Sarva Vidya. Initially she found the going difficult but says “ I improved and picked up English language too. I am working in Ranga Hospital in Chennai and am earning rupees ten thousand per month.”

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