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1st year manual distribution on 29th Jun

Patient Care Assistant Course 

29 Jun 2018

1 st year Manual distributed for Diploma in Patient Care Assistant Course 


Medical Camp by Sree Sai Trust on 28th J

Sree Sai Trust Medical Camp 

28 Jun 2018

Medical Camp for the Patient Care students newly enrolled first year, second year and outgoing batch participated in the camp along with Middle School students.

Inaguration of 2018-2020 (1st) Batch on

Patient Care Assistant Course

27 Jun 2018

Inauguration of 2018-2020 Batch, Diploma in Patient Care Assistant Course  

ICDS Review meeting, Madhuranthagam Bloc

Integrated Child Development Scheme Review Meeting

20 Jun 2018

Review meeting was conducted in Madhuranthagam Block and about 150 Balwadi Teachers participated.  Career Awareness about Job oriented Vocational Training was given to them to guide the potential girls in their villages.

2nd year Manual distribution on 18th Jun

Nursing Manual distributed

18 Jun 2018

2nd year Manual distributed for Diploma in Patient Care Assistant Course students

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Sarva Vidya Sirappu Samudayam Action Committee Meet

27 May 2018

On the 6th May, Sarva Vidya Sirappu Samudayam formed an action committee in situ and enthusiastically welcomed the idea of working along with Sarva Vidya for the welfare of their village community. As an immediate followup the committee met today and came up with action plans for the immediate future. Nine members met and had a very lively discussion on the areas and timeframe in which they will advance the causes of Sarva Vidya

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Nurses Day Celebration

12 May 2018

We are happy to share the news that

R. Aswini, a Sarva Vidya student of 2013-2015 batch, working currently in 'Medway Hospitals', Kodambakkam, Chennai, has been given a certificate of appreciation by the hospital on the Nurses Day, for her 'extraordinary service and dedication to her profession'. Aswini hails from Theetalam Village, in Madhurantakam Taluk, Kanchipuram District. Our congratulations to her. Please convey your appreciation to her.

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Overview of Kidney Dialysis

11 & 12 May 2018

Sarva Vidya Students getting an overview on Kidney Dialysis in The Kivaraj Chordia Memorial Dialysis Center in Mylapore Chennai. The overview included a lecture on the subject held in Sarva Vidya before the visit. All students interested in this as an add-on subject will be covered in batches.   aided by a lecture and visit 11 and 12 May 2018


Village Health Management Camp- Ramapuram

12 May 2018

Together with the Rajasthani Association of Chennai, this month's Village Health Management Camp was conducted today, the 12 May 2018, in the Village Ramapuram, in Achirupakkam block, Kanchipuram district.TheGovernment Middle School in Ramapuram was selected as the venue.Karpaga Vinayaka General Hospital provided the team of Doctors for medical consultation and treatment. Sri Sagadevan provided the local logistical assistance.This camp was attended by 148 people from the village. The composition was,Male 56, Female 64

8 DSC_8217.jpg

Sarva Vidya Alumni Meet

06 May 2018

Fourth Meet of Sarva Vidya Sirappu Samudayam​​ Sarva Vidya's Alumni is rightly titled 'Sarva Vidya Special Society' and in Tamil it translates as 'Sarva Vidya Sirappu Samudayam'. Of the total of nearly 450 students educated in Sarva Vidya, 30% of the students attended todays meeting.The theme was to dedicate as a team, to the welfare of the village community from which these students come to Sarva Vidya for Paramedical education. The Alumni formed an action committee in situ and enthusiastically welcomed the idea of working along with Sarva Vidya 

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Summer Camp at Peria Kalakkai Village Welness Center

03 May 2018

Summer Camp was conducted for the children attending the After School activities in the Village Wellness Centre i Periya Kalakkadi village near Madhuranthagam town. The children tried their hands in cleaning the area of passage of in the Panchayat area as part of Swatch Bharat program.The summer camp is for three days will end on the 5th May with games and sweets and snacks distribution. 



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