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Counselling School Students

29 Jan 2019

Dr Arulappa Girls Higher Secondary School girls in Neerpeir village are listening to Thenmozhi briefing them about opportunities in Sarva Vidya through the 'Empower to Enable' programmes. As a routine all the briefings are done directly and no advertisements are resorted to.

70th Republic Day

26 Jan 2019

India's 70th Republic Day was celebrated in Sarva Vidya's Wellness Centres in Villages.

Pictures from Vilvanathapuram wellness centre 


Counselling School Students

25 Jan 2019

Government Girls Higher Secondary Schools in Achirupakkam, Kayapakkam and Sothupakkam villages were also covered this month for briefing about opportunities in Sarva Vidya through the 'Empower to Enable' programmes.

Scolarship Distribution for the NCLB students

22 Jan 2019

M/S Surya Chandra Foundation from USA have been regularly encouraging Sarva Vidya's effort on the project of ' No Child Left Behind'. The annual scholarships provided to the students to improve their ability to continue education, has been funded by them.

Here you see the distribution of scholarships to the Sri RKM Sarada Vidyalaya Model Higher Secondary School students. 

Village Health Management Camp in Mogalvadi Village

12 Jan 2019

Venue : Panchayat Union Primary School, Mogalvadi Village

Coordinating NGO : Makkal Sakthi Iyakkam 

Block: Achirupakkam

Taluk : Madhuranthagam

District : Kancheepuram

Beneficiaries: 140

Hospital : KIMS - Karpaga Vinayaga Medical College & Hospital.

The Camp was sponsored by M/S Shraddha. This is the fourth camp sponsored by Shraddha.

Pongal Festival in Wellness Centres

12 Jan 2019

The children are encouraged to observe the important local festivals as part of preservation of culture and customs. Here we see the children of the Sarada Vidyalaya Middle School, Aranvoyal and Vilvanathapuram wellness centres enthusiastically celebrating Pongal festival of harvest sesaon.

Experimental Science

11 Jan 2019

'Talking to students, clarifying their doubts, providing more information (not normally covered in text books) with a view to motivating them into basic science, trying to enable them think differently and enjoy reading science are some of my favourite tasks.

It's a feeling of Euphoria when they come and say that what appeared tough for ages became much simpler and easier to understand . This is an occasion where both the teacher and the taught feel divine and blessed since what they both realise is the style of functioning of the nature which always is not so easy'.

unnamed (12).jpg

Sri Sai Healing Trust

07 Jan 2019

Dr.Rasitha Menon, specializing in Ayurveda treatments for special children and children with disabilities, visited Sri RKM Sarada Vidyalaya Middle School  to review the progress of the 13 children with special needs, and advised further on the treatment.
The doctor also interacted with the parents of the special children who were present during her visit.The children are provided with Ayurvedic treatment to improve their health condition.The 21-month course of treatment was started from Nov. 2018

unnamed (13).jpg

Networking and Development Center

06 Jan 2019 

The fourteenth Annual Meet of the
‘Networking and Development Centre of

Service Organisations’ (NDSO) was held at Nagerkoil.  As the name implies, this is a get together of all service organisations in
Tamil Nadu, for sharing their views, needs and resources .  Recognition & awards are given to various individuals  in the field of Social Work.

Thenmozhi, Trustee Sarva Vidya, first from the left, participated in the meet.

unnamed (14).jpg

Mrs Meenakshi on Neo Natal Care

04 Jan 2019

Lateral inputs are always useful for the students of Sarva Vidya, in the paramedical line. It provides a broad perspective for their profession' in the patient care line.

Here in a monthly guest lecture session

Mrs Meenakshi from Amma Hospitals

provides inputs on 'Neo Natal Care'.

Topics Covered include * intensive care to dangerously ill or premature newborn babies.•

Importance of Breast Feeding,• Breast Feeding Technique• Photo Therapy* 



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