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JOR Followup Meeting, 30th Nov. 2018.jpg

Joy Of Reading Follow Up Meeting

30 Nov 2018 

Mrs. Ranjani, Volunteer,   Mrs. Jalaja, Middle School HM,  Mrs. Kripa, Middle School Teacher, Mrs. Saraswathi, Mrs. Namagiri, Mrs. Viji (tutor), NCLB Alumni – Ms. Yuvashree & Mrs.Thenmozhi took part in the meeting.

Consolidated the leveling assessment of JOR project students – Middle School 4th std, NCLB 6th & 7th std and Patient care 1st & 2nd year students.  It was also decided to buy Tamil & English books for the students according to  “GROW BY Leveling”

Science Experiments

28 Nov 2018 

A second session was held in Achirupakkam school this month. Mr Shanmugam was asked to address all the school students initially, by the HM of the school. Look at the gathering of the children. That is awesome!

Also another school was added to the activity. The last two pictures show the initiation of the students of Government Higher Secondary School, Chunambedu Village, to this science activities.

Science Experiments By Dr. Shanmugam

28 Nov 2018 

Electro Magnetic Induction (Michael Faraday), Insulators & conductors of heat were the topics covered to the 9th std 150 students(both English & Tamil medium) Government Girls Higher Secondary School,  Achirupakkam Block, Kancheepuram Distric

Science Experiments By Dr. Shanmugam

28 Nov 2018 

And  for Govt. Higher Secondary School of Chunambedu the topics covered were Series connection and parallel connection of resistors, Volta’s Cell- Chemical energy to Electrical Energy – Alessandro Volta, for 26 IX std Tamil Medium students

Science Experiment

27 Nov 2018 

Science Experiments by Dr. Shanmugam for 10th std (9 students) NCLB Students about Atoms & Molecules, Avogadro’s Hypothesis and Mole Concept

Blood Grouping Class

27 Nov 2018 

Blood Grouping by Ms. Soniya, Kivraj Choridia Memorial Dialysis Centre, Mylapore Topics covered: Composition of Blood,Blood Transfusion,Blood Group System,Antigen and antibodies

Guest Lecture Class

27 Nov 2018 

Guest Lecture Class for Patient Care 2nd yr students was organized:

Climatic Change by Mr.  Jayachandran, Green Foundation, Achirupakkam 2nd  year students of Diploma in patient Care Course& 6th, 7th, & 8th standard students of Sri RKM Sarada Vidyalaya Middle School Children  took part in the Programme.

Topics Covered were Global warming, Climatic Change, Components of pollution, Environmental pollution, etc.,

JOR levelling SV school .jpg

Levelling of students

13 Nov 2018

The project has been implemented as part of the NCLB program for the Sarada Vidyalaya students and for the students of the Patient Care Diploma course. The students were asked to read specific reading materials. Once the 'Reading Foundation' is established, then regular 'Joy of Reading' activities will commence.


Science Experiments

13 Nov 2018

Shanmugam's scientific experiments in the 'Government Girls Higher

Secondary school' in Achirupakkam, this time covered demonstration on

 --Bernoulli’s Theorem,

 --Retina (Image superimpose),

 --Centre of Gravity & Stability

 --Types of Forces.

Books And Sports

13 Nov 2018

As part of 'Wellness' activity, Sarva Vidya encourages activities of reading and also sports in interested schools through donating books and sports materials.

Library books, Carrom and Chess boards were distributed to the Govt Higher Secondary School, in Choonambedu Village in Chithamur Block, Kanchipuram district. 

JOR Volunteers meet on 9th Nov. 2018.jpg

Volunteer meet

09 Nov 2018

The Joy of Reading is a project that motivates and trains children to read fluently and enjoy reading. This project was reviewed by the team of volunteers to set the pace and methodology for measuring the gains for the children. The first decision was to level the children to judge their current reading ability. 

Diwali Celebration

05 Nov 2018

On the occasion of Diwali, sweets were distributed in Village Education Centres : Villages Munnangkulam and Murungai in Achirupakkam Block,  Village Periyakalakadi in Chithamur Block at Kancheepuram District, Village Aranvoyal in Thiruvallore District and Village Villvanathapuram in Vellore District. The children lighted sparklers and crackers after sharing sweets 



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