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 Health Management Camps 

Focus is on Villages from where students are selected for pursuing 'Patient Care' programs. Experienced Doctors provide the consulting and care. Medicines are given free. Trained nurses with work experience in hospitals provide the patient care assistance. Needless to say they have been students in Sarva Vidya. Sarva Vidya has generated a vast pool of patient care resources through this education program . This number as of now is 450. This is the“Special society of Sarva Vidya” and was gathered together in 2014 to become the voluntary force that would become acceptable to the locals in villages thus generating local cooperation, publicity and infrastructure to conduct the Health Management camps in the villages. Sarva Vidya is in the background to provide the financial and organisational strength and support


Take Medical Care To Remote Villages

Here at Sarva Vidya, we see the value in everyone. We want to be a catalyst for positive change, and since our beginnings in 2008, we’ve been driven by the same ideas we initially founded our Nonprofit upon: Quality and Affordability, empowerment, and progress.

Village Connect

8648 Villagers

55 Health Management Camps

25 Villages

03 Schools



Sarva Vidya Special Society

Working Towards a Healthy Future

Qualified with the 'Patient Care Diploma' course in Sarva Vidya  and working in various hospitals in Chennai these eighty of the 450 Alumni,form the back bone for the Village Health Management Project.




I am Mageshwari  from Seethapuram village. My senior Sonia sister referred me the Sarva Vidya institute where I studied Diploma in Patient Care Assistant Course from 2012-2014. First I was  at Arokya hospital at Nesapakkam where I was trained at basics and for second year  at CSM nursing home at West Mambalam where I  completed the rest of my training. For the past 3 years I am working as a Staff in  Gunasekaran hospital .  First two years I worked at Post Operative Ward.



I am seethalakshmi from Nagamalai village. I belong to 2014-2016 batch. I joined here through by my brother Sagadevan. First year I was placed at kumaran hospital where I learn about nursing care. Second year  at CSM nursing home.  They taught us about  labour and caesarean. Now I am working at Gunasekaran Hospital for two years with a salary of Rs 10,500. Here they always say that Sarva Vidya students are all good at their job.  Because of my salary my house hold economy has been raised.



I am Keerthana from Irumbuli Village and was referred to Sarva Vidya through my cousin sister.  While joining the course I was very much afraid because I am from village and Chennai city is new for  me and also I am alone leaving my family in my native place.  Through Sarva Vidya support and friends encouragement I was able to manage and  I enjoyed my two years course.  For 1st year I was placed in V. K Hospital, Alwarthiru Nagar  and for 2nd year I was placed in Gunasekaran Hospital , T. Nagar.

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