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 VILLAGE wellness centers 

Catching them young

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Community Engagement

Doing What’s Needed

Village Connect and community engagement are at the core of our strategy. We invest time in devising and developing integrated solutions for delivering a reliable path to progress. From opening the mind of the children to contributing to medical needs and to the all important economic freedom to women, we try to blend with the everyday life of the village community.Discover more about our innovative campaigns below and get in touch to stay up to date regarding our latest efforts.

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After School Education

Bridging The Gap

From the refreshing of the curriculum dealt in the Schools, to life skills so essential in 'bridging tomorrow', nutritional inputs, health checks, sports and games, value based education, festivals that keep the culture of villages intact, the Wellness Centres aim at holistic development of the children of villages. ​Providing Specific emphasis on 'Reading' in both​ English and regional language Tamil, volunteers bring the 'Joy of Reading' to the children. Libraries are set up for promote reading.

Join Us In Making a Real Difference



Once there lived a farmer. He was working in his field. He saw an injured crane . The farmer treated the crance by applying turmeric and tied a bandage. The crane was able to walk after some time. One day he saw the crane planting a pumpkin seed in his field. After some time he plucked a big pumpkin from the plant  and took it home. When he cut the pumpkin he was surprised to find  lots of gold and silver inside . He was very happy .

On seeing this, his neighbor wantonly injured a crane . He also treated the crane with turmeric and tied a bandage. The crane had planted a pumkin seed in his field also. After some time , he cut the pumpkin . To his horror , there were snakes and scorpion inside the pumpkin. The snake bit him to death.

Moral Of The Story : Don’t be greedy.

My name is Hemamalini . My fathers name is Tamil Mani. Mother’s name is Kala. My father is a cooly. I love to learn a lot . Sarva Vidya has provided Library facility , sports facility like Football, Volley ball, chess, Carrom. We play for a few hours after school . After playing, they give us  snacks which we enjoy very much. It gives us energy to continue our studies in the class after play time . They also teach us Yoga , Breathing techniques on some days. It is very useful to us. We are very happy to receive good education , sports and snacks.

Some times they show us the the life of Gandhiji ,  Kamaraj, and other leaders on TV . They also show us about Diwali and other festivals. They also conduct competitions in sports, Kolam etc., All the students enjoy these events and actively participate in it. The teachers are very friendly and kind. They teach effectively and clarify any doubts that we have.  

working as a teacher for the past 2 years in Balwadi.  She educates the children about the importance of taking bath daily and to be clean. She also explains the spread of diseases when the body and surroundings are not clean and hygenic.

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