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One Student from RKM Sarada Vidyalaya Model Higher Secondary School has been sponsored to BSc Nursing course in Chettinad College of Nursing.

05 May 2008

Brthya seeded a new Trust in the name of ‘Sarva Vidya’ dedicated to Education and Village development. This is in line with the objective of aiding in the establishment of institutions for social service to work for providing education for needy and deserving students. The first such institution promoted in the Health Services was ‘Shraddha’ which is completing three years shortly.

26 Mar 2008

Brthya organized medical examinations for about 1000 girl students of sixth to eighth standards, at the request of the two Sri RKM Sarada Vidyalayas,. With the team of one doctor and three Nurses the medical examination in the two schools was covered in about ten days

25 Mar 2008

Brthya participated in an exhibition conducted by CIOSA (Confederation of Indian Organisations for Service and Advocacy ) in Chennai. Titled ‘Seva Mela’ this is an exhibition where only service organizations bring to the fore information on various services rendered to the society by them. Brthya exhibited information on the services in the target sectors. Education and Health Services. Brthya met several Non Governmental Agencies to discuss co-operation in implementing Village development Programs.

22 Feb 2008

The Registration in the Family Physician Centre crossed 2000

08 Feb 2008

A general medical check up was performed today for about 40 students of Sri RKM Sarada Vidyalaya in the Hostel where they are resident. The medical check up included hemoglobin test for common conditions in children who could potentially have problems associated with food and family conditions in which they were raised. It is intended to cover the entire students who are resident in the hostel coming from under-privileged families and also perform periodical medical check up for sustained results.

08 Feb 2008

The third and final dose of B1 hepatitis inoculation was completed today at Avvai Home Schools. About 1700 School Students, teachers et all were covered by the three programs of inoculation which were held on Aug 17th, September 17th and February 18th. All three days Dr Niranjan of Family Physician Center of Brthya and the Nurses from Shraddha Home Nursing organised the inoculation program very effectively. It is significant that each program was covered in a single day.

07 Feb 2008

The KR Radha Learning Centre was inaugurated on this day in the 'College-within-School'. (Late) Ms. KR Radha was a student of the same school about forty years ago and had provided for scholarships for five students of the school year after year through 'Brthya'. After her demise on the same day in 2007, her family assisted in building the facilities in the Learning Centre in her memory.The facilities include black boards, projection screen, Library for students, audio-visual equipment, etc for aiding education

29 Jan 2008

Brthya arranged a "Nursing Education and Career" awareness program with the help of the Associate Professor, Chettinad Hospitals College for over 200 Students of Sri RKM Sarada Vidyalaya Model Higher Secondary School. The students were appraised of the opportunities in the Nursing Education and career.

26 Jan  2008

Brthya visited a second time VC Mottur and the Poondi Tution Centre, the villages near Kaveripakkam in Vellore District in the state of Tamil Nadu to run an awareness program

22 Jan 2008

The Vice Principal and the Associate Professor of Chettinad College of Nursing addressed over 200 students of the Sri RKM Sarada Vidyalaya Higher Secondary School for Girls, about opportunities in Nursing education and careers in nursing – this was arranged by Brthya as a program to increase awareness of the health care sector opportunities.

18 Jan 2008

Brthya coordinated with the Forum for Women's Rights and Development (FORWORD) in a Village called Madambakkam as part of its village development program

17 Jan 2008

Brthya coordinated with the Forum for Women's Rights and Development (FORWORD) in a village called Kelambakkam as part of its village development program.

11 Jan 2008

The 'The College within School' that was commenced in August 2007 in the RKM Sarada Vidyalaya Model Higher Secondary School was given a much larger work space for expansion in the Sri RKM Sarada Vidyalaya Higher Secondary School for Girls under the same management.

10 Jan 2008

To create awareness of the 'The College within School' concept and the opportunities for girl students in the nursing areas, Brthya has been taking steps to meet the people in the nearby villages through the local NGOs and self Help Group of women.In the second such effort in a village called Banavaram, Brthya coordinated with the Kaverippakkam Comprehensive Rural Development Society. Kaverippakkam is a small town around which villages like Banavaram exist. These are in the state of Tamil Nadu in the northern districts surrounding the metropolitan city of Chennai. 

10 Jan 2008

A program on fundamentals of English Language Communication was commenced for the Sri RKM Sarada Vidyalaya Higher Secondary School for Girls, in T-Nagar Chennai. About 50 students studying in middle and high schools (Grades 6th thru 11th) evinced keen interest in joining the classes.

21 Dec 2007

A meeting was held in a village called VC Mottur in the state of Tamil Nadu to create awareness of opportunities in paramedical education leading to nursing professions. The effort involved the local NGO (Non Governmental Organization) called Jaya Bharath Matha Women's Federation, the leader of the village council (also known as the Panchayat) and the parents of the students

05 Dec 2007

Three students from a village called Milaganur, were admitted in the four year degree BSc Nursing course in the Chettinad Hospitals College of Nursing, Chennai after they passed grade twelve in Science. Milaganur is a small village down south of India and has one Higher Secondary school - This ties in with our mission 'empower to enable' - Villages like these, representing the microcosm of the underprivileged societies (where hardly one or two schools are in existence) are targets for Brthya to pick students and sponsor them into Nursing programs so that they contribute back to their societies.

05 Dec 2007

Sports day celebrations were held in Sri RKM Sarada Vidhyalaya Higher Secondary School for Girls, and Mr. CS Raghunathan Trustee Brthya was invited to Preside over the function.

29 Nov 2007

During this year coaching classes for the Twelfth Grade commerce students were commenced for the subjects Commerce, Accounting, Business Mathematics, and Economics. This is to help these students to get a good grasp of the subjects so that they can score better in their final examinations. Students who score very well will be encouraged to pursue the Chartered Accounting profession. Just like the previous year the qualifying students can go through the Common Proficiency Test.

17 Nov 2007

A lecture session on 'Opportunities in Paramedical Sciences' was organized in the Sri RKM Sarada Vidhyalaya for the girl students to encourage them to consider paramedical courses. Mrs Mathangi Ganesh, Associate Professor (Chettinad Hospitals College of Nursing, handled the session. Chettinad Hospitals Ltd is about Fifty Billion INR health city project and is a fully equipped 600-bed hospital offering advanced patient-care services across multiple medical specialties, healthcare studies through courses in Medicine, Dentistry and Nursing and are committed to universal healthcare.).The tenth grade students were encouraged to take science subjects in their eleventh grade. During this session, Brthya announced Science scholarships to students going in for science group in their eleventh grade after they get through their tenth grade exams

30 Jun 2008

More than Twenty five students have enrolled for the second batch of the two year diploma course on Nursing organized by Brthya at Chennai. The first batch of six students was taken-in, in August 2007. The course is conducted by Keerthana Institute of Paramedical sciences. As a result of intense village development activities and awareness programs taken up in the months of April, May and June 2008, students from several villages are now aware of the opportunities in the paramedical line and home nursing areas. Of the twenty five students 90% are the children of farmers. 75% are from Science Groups in the twelfth grade. 65% of the students are financially assisted by Brthya and will be absorbed in the Home Nursing jobs of Shraddha. Geographically 55% of the students come from villages to the west and 30% from villages to the south of Chennai situated in a radius of about 100 KM. As was anticipated, 72% of the students have secured 50 to 70% marks in the twelfth grade which is the targeted strata. It is the students in this performance level that would find very meaningful jobs through this scheme and add value to the family, instead of getting left out by the main stream.Noteworthy is the fact that two students at 80-90% performance level in the twelfth grade have also joined this scheme, since they are otherwise unable to go to colleges by themselves.

25 Oct 2007

A session on the importance and ‘Need to protect the environment from pollution and the responsibilities of students” was handled by CS Raghunathan, Trustee for the science club members at Avvai Home .

20 Oct 2007

All the students trained in Indian Red Cross in Nursing have been placed in home nursing jobs



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