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11 Oct 2007

'Brthya' contributes to the Bangalore based Hospice, 'Karunashraya' for the second year in succession

01 Oct 2007

Ms. Kalaiselvi goes to the second year of the three year Diploma in St Isabel Hospital's School of Nursing, Chennai. Kalaiselvi was consistently getting 'Brthya'-scholarship from the 10th Standard onwards in school and is sponsored by 'Brthya' for the three year diploma in St Isabels.

26 Sep 2007

The first batch of Students who got through the common proficiency test successfully have been registered as Articled Assistants with the Indian Institute of Chartered Accountants. This has been done through one of the reputed Chartered Accounting firms in Chennai with whom Brthya works as an education partner. This marks the commencement of the three and a half year scholastic journey towards qualifying as Chartered Accountants (equivalent to the American Certified Public Accountant). These students are being groomed for this the past one year, right from their twelfth grade (Senior year - High School), through careful training. All these students are from the economically weaker section of society but meritorious and industrious in their school.

17 Sep 2007

The second dose of inoculation for B1 hepatitis was completed at Avvai Home. As in the first dose the event was handled by Dr. Niraanjan and the twelve nurses of Shraddha in one day. Again about 1100 students and others were inoculated. The third dose is scheduled for February 17, 2008

19 Aug 2007

"The College within School" was inaugurated in the Sri RKM Sarada Vidhyalaya Model Higher Secondary School for Girls. This marks the beginning of Brthya's efforts in providing Nursing education through a two year diploma, to the 12th Grade students. The course has been commenced as part of Keerthana Paramedical Institute Vellore. This is a hallmark of tripartite cooperation amongst a Public Charitable Trust, a Paramedical Educational Institution and a School.The parents of the students, and a few teachers of the school participated in the simple function held on that day when the ceremony of lighting a lamp was observed." 

17 Aug 2007

About 1100 school Students, teachers and teacher trainees of Avvai home were inoculated against B1 Hepatitis Virus, at Avvai Home. The initial dose was given on the 17th Friday August 2007. The entire School was covered in a single day during the school hours. The inoculation program was planned and executed meticulously by Brthya's Family Physician Center. and the Nurses from Brthya's Home Nursing unit 'Shraddha'. Dr Niraanjan led a team of 12 qualified nurses from Shraddha in a highly professional job to execute this programme to the complete satisfaction of the school management.The follow up dose is planned for the 17th September 2007, and the final dose on the 17th of March 2007.

11 Aug 2007

Scholarships for 32 girl students of the RKM Sarada Vidhyalaya Schools were disbursed today. With this during year 2007, about 80 girl students from various institutions are being financially and/or otherwise assisted for their education, by 'Brthya'. This demonstrates the power of the networking of 'Brthya' with the several software engineers and professionals who have something to contribute to the welfare of the economically handicapped students."

05 Aug 2007

Registrations exceed 1000 at Family Physician Center.

24 Jul 2007

A new measles vaccine product by the name of Abhay-M was launched at the Family Physician Center 

23 Jul 2007

A Three dose Hepatitis B Vaccination regimen, was commenced at the Family Physician Center. Emphasis was to vaccinate all family members simultaneously. This was done with the assistance of the "Human Biologicals Institute", a division of the Indian Immunologicals Ltd which is a subsidiary of the National Dairy Development Board.

11 Jul 2007

'Brthya' submits a proposal to Indian Red Cross Society, Tamil Nadu branch, for training a second batch of students. Sponsors are welcome.

05 Jul 2007

First ECG in the Family Physician Center taken. Ms P Manju,of Chennai becomes the first beneficiary

04 Jul 2007 initiates the efforts towards Home Diagnostics Project of 'Brthya', through providing a Portable Digital ECG machine to the Family Physician Centre.

07 Jun 2007

A Science Lab for the Students of Avvai Home was inaugurated with the help of Rotary Club of Madras Coromandel. A long cherished dream of all concerned towards promotion of science amongst school students.

01 Jun 2007

Registrations in the Family Physician Center exceeds 600

03 Mar 2007

Brthya, the Indian arm of, contributes to the Bangalore Hospice called 'Karunashraya'. Karunashraya is a hospice run by the public charitable trust of the Indian Cancer Society and Rotary Club of Bangalore and provides free care for the terminally ill cancer patients. Formation of a Hospice is a long term project through Brthya, the Indian charitable Trust. Please see

17 Feb 2007

The local FM Radio Station “MOP”, which is a community FM Radio Station broadcasted an interview with the Trustees of'Brthya'.

12 Feb 2007

An inuction program was held for the second batch of eleven two-year diploma students from Keerthana Institute of Paramedical Sciences in Vellore, getting into home nursing assignments through 'Shraddha'.

04 Feb 2007

20 students from ‘Avvai Home”, a school for girl students, established by Dr. Muthulakshmi Reddy, were inducted preliminarily for a two year diploma course in Nursing as part of the “College within Schools” project, subject to their getting through the 12th Grade exams.Dr.Muthulakshmi was a renowned freedom fighter and Women's Activist during freedom struggle in india. In spite of various constrains faced by girls in india of her time, she could complete her higher education and was admit in to medical profession. She became a medical practitioner but quit to join the freedom movement of Mahatma Gandhi

02 Feb 2007

Students of the 10th Grade in Avvai Home were addressed , in an effort to Promote Science curriculum in the school and further the “College in School” concept

30 Jan 2007

Annual Day Celebration of Keerthana Paramedical Institute was held. Mr CS Raghunathan, Trustee of Brthya Co-chaired the function and addressed the students. The local Member of the Legislative Assembly of Tamil Nadu was the Chief Guest. He appreciated the efforts taken by Shraddha in providing opportunities for the students of this paramedical institute in Vellore.

25 Jan 2007

Proposal for ‘College within Schools’ submitted to Schools.

06 Dec 2006

A session on the importance and ‘Need to protect the environment from pollution and the responsibilities of students” was handled by CS Raghunathan, Trustee for the science club members at Avvai Home .

20 Oct 2007

Family Physician Center inaugurated



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