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18 Nov 2006

Students being trained in 'Accounting' Leading to the coveted position of 'Chartered Accountants'

06 Aug 2006

Students being trained in Indian Red Cross society, Tamil Nadu Branch.

01 July 2006

Students positioned in St.Isabel Hospital Nursing School, in three year diploma in Nursing

30 Jun 2006

Scholarships awarded to under-privileged, performing students in high schools.

02 Jun 2006

Students have been sponsored to Two year Diploma in Nursing in the City of Vellore, Tamil Nadu.The city Of Vellore is famous for its world class Christian Medical College, one of the top medical schools and hospitals in india.The hospital is affiliated to a CMC Board in the USA that governs the Medical School and the hospital, inspired by Dr.Ida S.Scudder)



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